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Ice Sculptures: Custom Creations

Let Festive Ice Sculptures add that “WOW” factor to your event or function. Whether it be your Wedding day,Corporate function, Gala, Grand Opening of just a get together with family and friends. I can add that unique touch which will leave your guests with that memory for a life time. I will create a design to fit in with the theme of your event, freeze flowers and miniatures into the block and carve around them and even carve in Monogram initials and names into the ice. Display this crystal clear sculpture as a centre piece on your sweet table or anywhere in the room.

Add a functional Ice Design to your Anti Pasta table to serve up your favorite sea foods, SHRIMP, CRABS LEGS to mention a few.  Serve up your signature drink through my Martini Luge and watch your guests be amazed as the drink comes through the ice into their waiting glass. Add our unique 4ft and 7ft Ice Bars to your event and imagine your bartender serving up your favorite drinks from behind 1600lbs of ice. Adding any of my designs to your event or function will leave your guests talking about your event for a very long time.

Custom Single Block Sculptures:

Prices: $450.00 which includes the following

  • Delivery and set up to your event location
  • Display tray to retain and drain water

  • Lighting to illuminate the design from underneath


Martini Luges:

The Martini Luge is a functional Ice design which serves as a serving vessel for drinks and also an elegant centre piece. This design can be used to serve up a Signature drink which you would like to offer guests, serve up Shots or even Champagne. The sky is the limit when it comes to serving drinks through the luge.

It is an interactive design where your guests will watch the bartender pour their drink into the Luge and then watch it move through the ice into their waiting glass. I can personalize your luge whether it be adding Monogram initials and names or a Corporate LOGO.

Price: $450.00 which includes the following:

  • Delivery and set up to your event location
  • Display tray to retain and drain water
  • Lighting to illuminate the design from underneath

Ice Bars:

Looking for that monumental”WOW”factor at your event. Visit my image gallery and view a few of the Ice Bars I have done in the past. The 2 most common sizes are the 4ft Ice Bar and 7ft Ice Bar.

The 4ft IceBar comes with either a bar top Luge or Bottle chiller / holder. I will also personalize the centre pillar with names or a logo. The 7ft Ice Bar comes with 2 bar top items whether it be 2 Luges or 2 bottle holders or 1 of each. I can also personalize the pillars to theme them to your event or add a corporate logo. Each bar comes with an Acrylic counter top which creates a dry working surface for the bartender.

PRICE- 4ft ICE BAR: $1200 PRICE- 7ft ICE BAR: $1600

Both prices include the following. Delivery and set up to your event location. Specialty display stand where the Ice Bar is displayed on and which retains and holds all melted water and bar lighting. Just with the Ice Bar I will return to your event when it is over and break down the bar and remove the bar.

Ice Serving Vessels:

Add that elegant, classy look to your buffet table, sweet table, anti pasta table and serve up your favorite liquid punches, foods and fruit with a crystal clear Festive Ice serving vessel. Add a Clam Shell, Ice Bowl or a Shrimp Luge to serve up your favorite sea foods. Just click the QUOTE REQUEST tab for pricing on these designs.

Carving Demos & Winter Festivals:

Let me add that unique touch to your outdoor event or your Winter Festival. I can come to your location and carve on sight for the public to view and interact with the designs I have created. Please click on the QUOTE REQUEST tab for pricing and ideas on this type of service.

Please visit my PHOTO GALLARY so you can view all types of designs which I have created over the past 20yrs. Maybe one of my designs will inspire you to want to add this unique type of display to your function or event.If you happen across a design which you have found on line other than my web site just forward me this image and I will bring it to life with my own unique flare and style. When interested in pricing on any type of design please click on the QUOTE REQUEST tab where you can send me all important info needed to process a quote for your event.

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