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Welcome to Festive Ice Sculptures “OAKVILLE” My name is RICH the Ice Guy. I am a carver who has been involved in the ICY realm for the past 20 years. Since you have found your way to my icy world please feel free to work your way through my web site and enjoy the tour. My services offer a wide variety of Sculpture designs ranging from, an elegant Ice Bowl to an ominous 7ft Ice Bar which when finished and set up at your event weights about 1500lbs. Won’t that get the “WOW” factor your looking for.

When it comes to ice designs remember, the sky is the limit. Give me an idea and I will turn your thoughts into an Ice sculpture reality. When you deal with Festive Ice you will be dealing with only 1 person. Yours truly. I will walk your through your icy thoughts and help you come up with a design which will suit your special event or function. I will be the one taking that 280lb block of ice and turning it into a crystal clear work of art. All designs are custom created specific to your event. No high tech technology here at Festive Ice. Hands on carving with Chainsaws, Chisels, Grinders, Drills and Routers gets your design created. Every design is a one of a kind work of art. Enjoy your visit to Festive Ice “HAMILTON” and allow me to


Ice Designs by “RICH”